Origin and missions of the AFITF


The French Agency for Transport Infrastructures Funding (AFITF, Agence de Financement des Infrastructures de Transport de France ) was created by Decree No. 2004-1317 of 26 November 2004, codified in Articles R1512-12 to R1512-19 of the Transport Code, with the aim of providing funding instruments with a 25-year horizon to the major transport infrastructure projects which had been decided a year earlier by an inter-ministerial committee for territorial planning and development (CIADT). This mission was quickly extended first to the financing of the plan and project contracts signed between the State and the Regions, then to all the infrastructure projects considered in particular in the Grenelle de l’Environnement programming law.

The creation of an Agency that is legally distinct from State budget to bring public funding to infrastructure projects had several objectives :
- overcome the uncertainties of the annual budget for projects that require a multi-year approach and thus ensure the necessary continuity of long-term infrastructure funding through the allocation of sustainable resources;
- allocate resources, mainly from road traffic (especially motorways), to financing infrastructure projects in all modes of transport;
- involve elected officials and civil servants in funding decisions in which a variety of stakeholders generally intervene along with public funding.

Today these objectives remain more than ever present in the operation of the AFITF.